Emirates Palace

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One of the world’s most expensive hotels, this 7-star sandstone colossus is what ‘beyond your wildest dreams’ are made of and the only palace concept hotel in the UAE. Set in one-million square metres of landscaped gardens, it boasts a 1.3 kilometre private white-sand beach, an abundance of landscaped pools, plus a private marina overlooking a breathtaking natural bay. It’s the ultimate showcase for the grandeur of Arabian hospitality with over 300 truly decadent guest rooms and suites finished in gold leaf, finest marble and exotic crystal mosaics. There are 114 magnificent domes to marvel and some 200 enchanting fountains. It captivates all who visit and even the Gulf Arab royalty has a reserved separate floor. The restaurants are equally palatial and, not surprisingly, the cuisine is award winning too, while The Caviar Bar sets the standard for this luxurious delicacy and has a world class champagne menu. Emirates Palace is the embodiment of an unrivalled Arabian fantasy and the once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience we all aspire to.

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