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The Liana Luxury Travel team are your very own personal advisors – well travelled, well informed and passionate about tailoring an unforgettable experience that ticks all your boxes and more.
So here (in no particular order) are their top 10 best holiday destinations worldwide, which will all bring a welcome touch of exclusive glamour to your lives in their own, inimitable way – whether it’s for luxury holidays, honeymoon destinations or all-inclusive holidays?

Australia holidays mean different things to different people, but it’s still so untapped - and every itinerary I plan throws up something new and exciting. Its pristine cities are truly cosmopolitan and great fun, but this is a land that also offers the world’s largest barrier reef and oldest living culture (the Aborigines), The Great Ocean Road, snow capped mountains, dense rainforests, a desert like no other in the Outback, plus a laid back and luxury outdoor lifestyle that everybody warms to.”

“I first discovered Cuba and its pristine beaches planning my sister’s honeymoon, but whilst they’re as idyllic as any in the Caribbean, I also did a week’s touring – exploring characterful little villages where time stands still and the pace of life is much slower. The historical streets of the capital Havana are a must too and allow you to relive a fascinating colonial history and experience the rich music and dance heritage that holidays to Cuba are famous for.”


“Renowned for its sun, sea, sand and shopping, Dubai holidays mix pure relaxation away from it all with…

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