Get set for a multitude of diverse landscapes and experiences in a country that offers everything you can imagine and lots more! World-leading theme parks, breathtaking national parks, paradise islands, glacial wonderlands, dramatic desert landscapes, skyscraping cities full of landmark sights and incredible shopping opportunities, authentic cowboy ranches, a laid back jazz scene, sun-kissed coastlines and legendary hospitality too - the American Dream is alive and well, and wearing the biggest smile.

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Liana's Top Destinations

From The Luxury Specialist

Los Angeles

If you want WOW this is it. The spirit of Los Angeles roars off the big screen; the enticing image of open top cars driving down avenues of towering…

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San Francisco

Defined by the magnificent elegance of the Golden Gate Bridge, The City by the Bay holds within its bounds the edgy history of the California Gold…

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Las Vegas

Jaw dropping and mind blowing only begin to describe the effect this entertainment oasis in the heart of the Mojave Desert has on visitors. It’s…

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New York

Sensational sightseeing, shopping, skylines, shows, sports – the city that literally never sleeps is a frenetic hub of exciting activity that…

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As one of America’s oldest cities it features quaint cobbled streets, historic brownstone houses and a rich colonial history, but this waterfront…

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Philadelphia & Washington D.C

These cultural heavyweights are much underrated with Philadelphia home to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution Hall, National Historic Park…

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Standing tall on the western shore of Lake Michigan, the ‘Windy City’ is modern architecture personified and has an instantly recognisable…

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Florida is multi-faceted, edgy, eccentric, wild and glamorous all at once - with incredibly beautiful beaches along its Gulf Coast, the best theme…

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Miami has got lashings of style - where historic Art Deco houses and Spanish colonial facades nudge up against showy waterfront mansions and modern…

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Visitors to Orlando will find a staggering range of leisure and entertainment centres that make up this ultimate fantasy playground. It’s hair…

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Florida Beaches

Heavenly white sands, aquamarine waters and never ending sunshine, Florida is serious about its beaches too - whether you are seeking a lively beachfront…

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