Thrillingly rumoured to be the site of the Lost City of Atlantis, which vanished beneath the seas after a volcanic eruption produced a massive all engulfing tidal wave, what is left of that natural disaster has given way to spectacular multicoloured cliffs, deep flooded caldera and extravagant sunsets.

Clinging to the edges of the crater are those impossibly picturesque villages where the signature features are blue-domed churches, quaint cobbled lanes swathed in vivid bougainvillea, sparkling whitewashed cubiform houses with painted balconies and exquisite panoramic views across the Aegean Sea.

Live the dream....

The most beautiful example of a Cyclades village, Oia sits high on the Northern edge of the caldera, its crisp white buildings set within the volcanic rock itself.  To find the best spot for watching one of those gorgeous sunsets make your way along the castle walls, quickly bag a seat and drink it all in.

Santorini beaches are otherworldy thanks to the smoky coloured volcanic sands surrounded by sheer rugged cliffs.  Some of the most jaw-dropping expanses can be found at Monolithos, Vlychada and Kamari.  For glimpse of a Martian beachscape, head to the so called red beach at Kokkini Paralia.

 Get close to the elements with a boat trip to the top of the volcano at Nea Kameni. Climb the craters and walk around the rim and finish up with a cleansing and rejuvenating frolic in the mud baths and hot springs of Palea Kameni.

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More info about Santorini

Currency : Euro
Time difference : + 2 Hours
Approx flight time : 4 Hours approx.

Visa : You don’t need a visa to enter Greece. As a British passport holder you can stay as a visitor for 3 months. For longer stays, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

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