Philadelphia & Washington D.C

These cultural heavyweights are much underrated with Philadelphia home to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution Hall, National Historic Park and the symbolic Liberty Bell monument, while Washington D.C. is the world’s most powerful capital city and boasts the vast National Mall featuring the landmark White House and Lincoln Memorial, plus beautiful museums and parkland.


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Well preserved American Revolution buildings aside, Philadelphia’s Old City has a buzzing fashion and art scene with many fine boutiques and galleries. The west offers up some great designer shopping opportunities on Chestnut and Walnut Street, plus Phili is obsessed with food – the cheesesteak sandwich is an icon and there are eclectic Latin and Italian quarters plus Chinatown.

Downtown is the heart of Washington with the memorable Kennedy Centre and West Potomac Park, while North Central is the trendiest neighbourhood with a host of clubs and fine dining. The west is upmarket and home to the historic waterfront village of Georgetown and most of the city’s high-end shopping boutiques and bars - as well as some fine examples of 19th Century architecture.

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Currency : American Dollar
Time difference : - 5 Hours
Approx flight time : 8 hours to 9 hours approx.

Visa : VWP allows most British Citizens with a valid electronic passport to visit the US for up to 90 days without a visa. Even though you don't need a visa, you are required to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) at least 3 days BEFORE you leave for New York.

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