Los Angeles

If you want WOW this is it. The spirit of Los Angeles roars off the big screen; the enticing image of open top cars driving down avenues of towering palm trees, that world famous sign set in the hills and the exhilarating freedom of the Pacific Coast Highway are seared in the imagination as an enduring symbol of the land where dreams are possible.

The epic sprawling cities of Los Angeles County are where the rich and famous come to play, with stellar shopping, world class attractions and miles of beaches along an endless rugged coastline. LA itself exudes a special magic, optimism fills the air and you really feel part of the charisma of being in the entertainment capital of the world.


Live the dream...


Check out that iconic zip code, Beverly Hills 90210, a pocket sized city which takes in the eye-popping retail nirvana that is Rodeo Drive and the Golden Triangle.

Then walk in the footsteps of the stars – figuratively – along the Walk of Fame spanning Hollywood Boulevard, and the splendiferous Chinese Theatre in search of signs of the greats from the 1920s.

Don’t miss Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the oldest of the working studios and get a glimpse of movie history and the latest creations from the dreamweavers, and tour of the backlot. And of course, fit in a visit to the legendary original Disneyland and its latest attraction, Disney California Adventure.

LA’s 72-mile coastline embraces Southern California, the heart of the laidback beach culture.  Santa Monica’s golden sands and pier bring back the age of the amusement park, while the peacock flashiness of Venice Beach & Muscle Beach is a sight to behold.

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Currency : American Dollar
Time difference : - 8 Hours
Approx flight time : 13 hours approx.

Visa : Under the US Visa Waiver Program, many British Citizens holding a UK passport do not require a US visa providing: Duration of stay is not more than 90 days and traveller holds a valid ticket for onward or return travel. Passport is valid for at least 90 days from date of entry into the United States

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