A feast for the senses, Asia offers the traveller the chance to discover stunning scenery and indulge in rich cultural experiences. A region of contrasts where the ultra-modern sits side by side with traditional culture. There is a great deal to explore, from the inviting cuisines, to the fascination history of the lands and the people. Lose yourself in peaceful temples, exotic beachscapes and bustling city breaks.

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Liana's Top Destinations

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A captivating city, island and country all in one, this multi-cultural gem offers the beguiling enchantment of Chinatown, Arab Street and Little India,…

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an intoxicating, bustling energy all of its own. Once evocatively known as ‘Fragrant Harbour’ you can’t help but be…

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Khao Lak

For those who love the feel of the warm white sand beneath their feet, Khao Lak is a village north of Phuket which has over 20km of beaches where it…

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Jump into the heady buzz of Bangkok a riot of colour and noise that needs to be experienced. Populous and lively, visitors are drawn here for the clash…

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Koh Samui

The legendary charms of Koh Samui are sure to be the answer to those seeking the quintessential tropical paradise.  The dream combination of sparkling…

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One of the better known islands, Phuket is the poster pin-up tropical escape full of Far Eastern promise. Gorgeous beaches, luxury hideaways, a slightly…

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This stunning island with its proximity of ancient limestone karst cliffs, mangroves, white sand beaches and blue-green seas makes the perfect destination…

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Naturally breathtaking, this idyllic tropical paradise is deservedly called 'Island of the Gods' with attractions and amenities truly out of this world.…

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Malaysia is a land of enchanting contrasts, boasting some of the most exotic, and verdant jungles, to vast sprawling urban vistas. It’s a world…

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Think of India and you picture an explosion of colour, feel the thrilling thrum of exotic music and sense the dizzying tastes and aromas of countless…

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Thailand remains one of the most desirable and exciting destinations.  With its clear waters and beautiful beaches at Krabi, Phuket or…

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Kuala Lumpur

‘KL’ is ying and yang in perfect harmony – a thoroughly modern and pulsating metropolis with shimmering skyscrapers, hugely impressive…

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The mysterious island of Borneo blends the influence of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia which is reflected in its amazingly diverse cuisine - while…

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Just off the west coast of Malaysia is a cluster of 99 islands which make up Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah, comprising vistas of undulating mountains,…

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Stunningly diverse, this exotic country appeals to sun seekers, adventurers and culture vultures alike, with many enchanting islands to explore and…

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