European luxury has a definitive style and class - you can literally breathe and taste it. The richest melting pot of alluring cultures and traditions, this captivating continent offers a never ending wealth of attractions – from majestic cities with staggeringly beautiful architecture, to deliciously diverse gourmet dining and fine wines, to glittering coastal resorts that shine like jewels. It’s a scenic sensation like no other with landscapes that vary from snow-capped Alps to Canarian moonscapes and rustic island villages where time stands still. Beaches are no more picturesque than in the Greek Islands or Croatia; cities like Madrid and Venice offer gorgeously romantic skylines, plus it’s all finely layered by discerning service levels that are steeped in genuine tradition and passion.

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Emerging phoenix-like from past conflicts, noble Croatia is once again able to beguile visitors with its jewel-like waters, verdant forested interiors…

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Exquisite style and panache comes naturally to Italy, which has long been an innovator in the world of fashion and celebrated globally for its wine…

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Not just a family sun favourite, Spain has many rewarding gifts for the discerning traveller. From opulent beach resorts and luxury lifestyle hotels…

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