Raw and rugged, Cuba is a very distinctive part of the Caribbean where time has stood still and it’s really only just opening up as a luxury destination.  A meeting place of Spanish and African cultures, it bubbles with intrigue and works its magic on the intrepid traveller in search of the charismatic sounds of the Buena Vista Club music scene and hazy afternoons spent in an atmosphere created by the bewitching aromas of coffee & cigars.

From the colourful and energetic Havana with its shabby chic buildings in Spanish colonial style to the craggy mountain ranges, wild beaches, wonderfully calm waters and simple lifestyles of the people, much of Cuba still seems to be trapped in the past giving the feeling that little has changed since the revolution of 1959 - and this is precisely why Cuba exerts a pull on the imagination.

 Live the dream... 

Revel in the richness of flora and fauna in the Biosphere Reserve in The Cayos, a string of islands along the northern coast of Cuba which envelopes Jardines del Rey or the ‘Gardens of the King’. Pristine beaches of fine white sand and crystal waters teeming with marine life and coral reefs thrive in this protected Eden.  Among other delights see the vivid Caribbean flamingos sifting through the shallows around Cayoco.

The true character of Cuba is enshrined in the capital city Havana, with its grand museums and theatres positioned along a spectacular coastline with a pretty natural harbour. This designated UNESCO World Heritage Site delivers a pure adrenaline shot of old style glamour with those stunning classic American cars in all colours of the rainbow lining the streets.

Be amazed at the sheer perfection of Trinidad which is a splendid example of an authentic Spanish colonial city built with the bounty of the sugar industry.  A living, breathing museum it charts the region’s history and culture in its immaculately…

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More info about Cuba

Currency : Cuban convertible peso, Cuban peso
Time difference : - 5 Hours
Approx flight time : 9 or 10 hours approx.

Visa : The required tourist visa, known as a tourist card, allows the holder to stay in the Cuba for 30 days and is valid for a single entry. You must provide proof of confirmed return flight and booked accommodation. Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements.

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