An exciting mix of sun bleached ancient ruins, snow capped mountains, beautiful beaches and the largest natural palm forest holidays in europe, Crete has its own distinct character and plenty to pique the interest of those intrigued by the origins of Greek myths and legends.
The largest of the islands, it seems to stand alone as its own country with the true essence of Greek island life, while assimilating all the fascinating cultural remnants left behind centuries ago by a variety of conquering invaders.

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A colourful introduction to the island is the charming harbour at Rethymno which fronts a Venetian-Ottoman quarter, a beguiling maze of lanes covered in floral canopies and elegant balconied houses, dotted with ornate Byzantine monuments and exotic minarets.  More modern delights include a lively night scene, smart restaurants and a stylish shopping district.
Explore the epic natural beauty spots of Crete, the impressive gorges, lush green valleys and the heights of holy Mount Ida, plus the remarkable 3,500-year-old remains of the Minoan palace of Knossos. Indulge further in the spiritual side of Crete with a journey through pretty mountain villages to discover the remote and peaceful locations of old monasteries and churches.

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More info about Crete

Currency : Euro
Time difference : + 2 Hours
Approx flight time : 4 Hours approx.

Visa : Citizens of most Western countries can enter Crete without a visa; other nationals may need a Schengen Visa.

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