Naturally breathtaking, this idyllic tropical paradise is deservedly called 'Island of the Gods' with attractions and amenities truly out of this world. And we’re talking cool, edgy beachfront resorts, boutique retreats, high-end hideaways and splendidly isolated spa sanctuaries.

Southern Bali has the most dramatic beaches and therefore the most luxurious resorts, like Nusa Dua, but why not twin a Bali beach stay with a complete contrast in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali and bursting with arts and crafts, ancient customs, spiritual discovery and with a laid-back ambience. Or head inland to discover iconic emerald green rice terraces and dramatic valleys.

Live the dream...

Seminyak is one of the more upmarket Bali beach resorts, where there's a real buzz around the fashionable boutiques, high-end bars and beach clubs, while the long, golden beach at Sanur is big on kitesurfing and paragliding and the hotels typically Balinese - traditional ‘jukung’ fishing boats also sprinkle the shore.

And with no direct flights to Bali from the UK, you won’t regret - or forget - a memorable stopover in exciting, vibrant cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong or Doha.

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