The Bahamas

Immortalised in Bond films, the beaches and underwater worlds of The Bahamas are legendary.  There are over 700 islands in the archipelago, many of them uninhabited with turquoise waters and shallow atolls to explore that are beyond fantasy; and perhaps unsurprisingly this inspired the creation of the manmade Atlantis waterpark.

The stunning beaches range from classic white sand to those scattered with a million tiny shells and corals to produce the rosy pink sands found on Eleuthera Island.

An original haunt of pirates and rum smugglers, the modern visitor can enjoy sailing the waters around the island and for the daring thrill seeker, the best location in the world for shark diving and sports fishing.  Wreck diving is also a big draw to the islands and who doesn’t dream of discovering a Spanish galleon replete with unclaimed treasure.

Live the dream...

To get the most out of The Bahamas and your fill of the gorgeous colours and variety of seascapes, make sure you island hop to cover all the highlights. Drop into the cobalt blue depths of the mysterious Blue Holes of Andros where divers can disappear in amongst the hidden caves and bountiful marine life.

Go kayaking in the shallows around Exuma Cays, a collection of over 365 inlets and islets with fascinating stromalite fossils in the shallows and the chance to see the delightful swimming pigs.

Lively Nassau is a designer shopping haven, bursting with fine dining eateries, a vibrant nightlife scene and local markets offering a dash of the island’s traditional heritage.  Speaking of which don’t forget to sample the national drink - a potent rum cocktail made to a carefully guarded secret recipe called ‘Goombay Smash’.

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